WinAMillion Slots

Casino Game Description and Objective
WinAMillion is a 5-reel casino slot machine game. To view the pay table, you must click on the PayTable button located next to the red Cash Out button on the lower left side of the machine. This casino slots game may be played in denominations of $.25, $.50, $1, and $5. WinAMillion supports five separate paylines. Wins can begin starting at the left most reel or at the rightmost reel. Since a player can win from either the left or the right, players can only win once on each separate line. Players cannot win twice on the same line. Players will be paid the higher win amount on one line if there is more than one win on that same line. See Examples of Payouts on the same line for more information.

To play, put money in the machine by clicking on the chips in the lower right corner and press Bet Max. This will play the maximum bet (5 paylines and 5 coins), giving you the maximum chance to win and automatically spins the slot reels.

Unlike our other five reel games, there is a completely different spin mechanic involved with this game. Instead of the reels spinning, each of the 15 visible symbols will switch to the card back graphic and will then flip to show the symbol where the slots reel stopped.

The player will be able to turn paylines on through one of two different methods in the interface. If the player clicks on the Bet One button, the number of active paylines will increase by one. If all five paylines are already turned on, and the user clicks on the Bet One button, then the number of active paylines will reset to one. The Bet One button will be enabled regardless of the players balance or the credits in the machine. The player can also select paylines by clicking on the payline indicators, which are located to the left and right of the wheelhouse. If the player clicks on a payline indicator, then all of the paylines up to and including the line associated with the indicator are turned on. All other paylines are turned off. For instance, if the player clicks on the third payline indicator, then the first, second and third paylines become active, and the fourth and fifth paylines are turned off. If the player clicks on the first payline indicator, then only the first payline is active. If the player clicks on the fifth payline indicator, then all five paylines become active. The player cannot selectively turn on individual paylines (for instance, the player can not activate the first, third, and fifth paylines, but turn off the second and fourth paylines).

Examples of Payouts on the same line: If a player receives 2 unequal value payouts on the same line, only the payout with the higher value is paid to the player. If a player receives 2 payouts of the same value on the same line, the player will receive the payout that has more symbols (example 3 coins vs. 2 dollar bills, the 3 coins would be the payout to the player). If a player receives payouts of same value and same number of symbols on the same line (example 2 coins and 2 coins on the same line, the game will display one of the payouts as the winner) only one of the wins will be paid to the player.

Receive Five Bags of Coins while playing on a $5 machine on any payline played, and you will WIN A MILLION DOLLARS!! When you hit this heavy mother lode of cash, you will be awarded $250,000 cash payment and a guaranteed $50,000 each year, after the first payment, for the following 15 years!!

WinAMillion Preview

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