Hunter bonus is a concept that means “bounty hunter.” This is the type of players who are focused on obtaining favorable bonus offers in online casinos and looking for the most favorable opportunities for the game.

In reality, there are many different types of bonus hunters. And you should understand that this label is applicable not only to the sphere of gaming, but also to other niches. That is, it is persons who are trying to take advantage of and get a profit by charging a variety of bonuses.

In this article we will focus on bonus hunters in online casinos.

The two main types of bonus hunters

We’ll start with two basic types of hunts for bonuses. The first one is those people who want to get bonuses and favorable buns legally. And the second is professional dealers who use a number of ways to cheat casinos and make money from them.

An honest bonus hunter.

Let’s take an example. Let’s let us have some kind of Kolya Hunter bonus. He thinks he’s a gambler, but he won’t get off the couch without a good bonus. It can be a welcome promo, a reload bonus, a temporary action, etc. Such a person will first get all available non-deposit bonuses, and then a bonus for the first replenishment. When creating a profile, Kolya uses real personal data and never uses fraudulent schemes for his own benefit.

In the casino are normally treated to such users. We can not say that they are very happy, but still no friction with them. Such players behave according to the rules of the site and do not do anything illegal.

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Who are the bonus hanters?

Now let’s look at the other type, the Vanya Hunter bonus. Here opens a new gambling area, which lures new users with a generous non-deposit bonus. Vanya is a very smart little and has a hundred sets of documents for different persons. He also uses VPNs, proxies and other generous gifts from hackers.

So what does he do? Of course, Vanya registers dozens of profiles to get more exhaust and free money out. Simply put, he deliberately cheats the casino until the latter stops giving out bonuses, or he catches the bastard.

The whole point is that Vanya is a professional and knows how to do things right. It’s very difficult for him to show something, because the right documents are in his pocket. But it happens that the casino requires to send a photo, on which the player must hold a passport.

Complaints and complaints can often be read from professional bonus-hunters on topic forums. When they scorched, then do their experience and immediately change the gambling site.

It should be noted that new hanters usually start with non-deposit bonuses. And experienced professionals are trying to play in any casino, which offers a profitable bonus on the down payment and there is a good bet. Quite suitable for hunting bonus with a vager up to 40 and a bet of at least 10 USD per rotation.

But there is also a Petya Hunter in nature. He is still a schoolboy and very naive. After reading several articles online about bonus hunting, he creates dozens of profiles. But at the same time, Petya forgets to change the IP-address, but only comes from an anonymous browser tabs, from under one provider and using the extension Hall.

Then he starts to get a lot of aces from his PC in every gambling establishment, which offers a delicious promo. But if Petya is caught red-handed, he screams and tells everyone around him about his fate.

The attitude of the players to the hunters

In 98% of cases, online complaints are written by Petya like this. Almost every internet user has read such sentimental stories. Like, opened an account with a friend in a casino, brought a few thousand, and the profile was immediately blocked. And they usually sum up that the casino is a clean water lottery!

If you are not a bonus-hunter yourself, you probably do not know all the details of this craft. But the Internet says that even the profiteers who cheat on non-deposit bonuses can reach the level of earnings up to 2-3 thousand dollars a month. And how much the professionals earn in this case is even hard to imagine.

Bonus-hunters of the first type is difficult to judge, people are just trying to squeeze the maximum out of the casino offers. But the second most players are dismissive. It is because of such hunters normal players may have problems. You may be suspected of fraud and block the account, even if you are not guilty of anything. But more often than not normal players are simply blocked access to delicious offers of the site.

Therefore, if you are a beginner and do not understand what the welcome bonus, it is better to try to play without any benefits and handouts from the casino. So you surely won’t have any problems.

There are also very fascinating stories. For¬†¬†example, you funded your account at a Russian casino with a cool bonus. And then you got lucky and you won a round suma. But the next thing you know, it’s sad. The casino found out that you were playing with Vanya from the same iPod. That’s the way it is..