The modern world never ceases to amaze us with new inventions and scientific discoveries. These changes are also affecting the entertainment industry, in particular the gambling industry. Changes are also taking place in the casino zaragoza.

The emergence of the Internet and its rapid implementation in all spheres of life greatly spoiled people. It is not easy to surprise gamers, because their demands today are very high. Gambling business owners are literally out of their skins to meet the needs and desires of users. They are ready to spend billions of dollars on new developments that can improve the entertainment industry.

One of the most promising technologies of our time is a virtual reality (VR). It is able to change our world beyond recognition, filling it with new emotions and opportunities.

What is VR and AR technology?

Virtual Reality is a fictional world created with the help of computer technology. To plunge into it, the user will need a special headset – VR glasses and controllers.

The first experiments with VR were conducted back in the 1960s. For half a century, the technology has been actively studied and improved by specialists from different countries. A new wave of interest in VR swept the world in 2012 after the appearance of the Oculus Rift prototype glasses.

As for augmented reality (AR), it does not create a new world, but adds non-existent objects to the familiar environment. Thanks to it, the two worlds merge into one and create a completely new space:

Using Virtual Reality in Gambling

Gambling enthusiasts have already had time to appreciate the elements of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in practice. Virtual and augmented reality provide the player with a full immersion in a new world. He is not just observing what surrounds him, but becoming a part of it.

Poker, blackjack, slot machines and roulette in real casinos become available right from home. VR technology takes gamblers to the most famous casinos in the world in a matter of seconds. In this case, everything is so realistic that it is often difficult to distinguish between truth and fiction.

Virtual reality has made its way into the gambling industry a few years ago. The most prominent example of the first VR implementations in gambling was the SlotsMillion virtual casino, launched in 2015. The player gets a truly unique experience there. Wearing a headset, he is instantly transported to a full-fledged gambling establishment, where he can walk the halls, sit at a table and enjoy the views out of the window. At SlotsMillion you can play not only with strangers but also with friends, gathering at the tables a company of 20 people.

The next stage in the development of online gambling using VR technology was the “live casino”. Here, players sit at the tables, play and can communicate with their opponents. The game is monitored by a real dealer, which creates a feeling of full immersion in a live game.

For Live Casino use special studios in real casinos, from which the online broadcasts. Special 3D cameras are required for the success of the entire process. They provide maximum immersion in the game with a VR headset.

Using the latest technology with a good reputation and “tasty” bonuses attracts thousands of new users to online casinos every day.

What awaits VR-gambling in the future

All indications are that the online gambling industry will continue to make active use of VR and AR technologies. In the near future, a mobile version is sure to be created for such casinos. These days, many games have long since moved from computer screens to tablets and smartphones. To be on trend and attract new players, VR casinos should not ignore this trend.

Experts believe that many gambling enthusiasts will be happy to immerse themselves in the new virtual world. An even deeper digital adoption of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will lead to new haptic and sound effects. Users will not only be able to play and walk around the room, but even feel the game chips in their hands!

The next few years will show whether virtual reality can become a fundamentally new stage in the development of gambling and, in particular, online poker games. It is quite possible that it will do much better in attracting recreational players than all other attempts of poker rooms.

Of course, VR-casinos cannot completely replace the live game, but with further active development of the technology and financial support from the gambling establishments they will form a separate niche for recreational players.