The game Best online China casinos and life have too many identical features. Life, for example, develops by unpredictable laws. It can turn in one and the other direction. And begin to unfold according to completely new rules. The same thing happens with the game.

A game can also develop by special rules – if these rules are not well established. But even in a situation when the rules of the game are constant and observed exactly as they should be, its outcome is unpredictable. It is difficult to predict the outcome, and sometimes impossible. The game and life in this respect are very similar. Take, for example, the game of cards. Say, a “fool”. Game – as game.

There is nothing unusual in it. Except that in a deck there is a trump suit which is capable to beat any card of any other suit. We walk with the smallest card – with two. We go with two – it is beaten by three. We go with one more double. And again, a triple. Then we lay out the last two. And she is suddenly beaten by… a jack. Well, yeah, it’s a regular jack of peak suit. Nothing particularly outstanding – except that we have on hand two more jacks, of which one trump card. And we put that other jack on the table first. And then we lay out the trump card.

This horse you won. The cards were taken by the man against whom we went. And the next move is also yours. And perhaps the rest of the game. If you do not miss the initiative, you can win the whole game… Now¬†Argo Casino review¬†remember the events of our lives. We came to the office, where they change rubber on cars – from summer to winter. It’s not a big deal. We just need to change the tires. In other words, we need to install studded tires on the wheels. That’s all. We take a queue. We are waiting patiently for our moment. Then we explain to the locksmith what we need.

The game and life Best online China casinos

And after fifteen minutes we hear in reply that … the office is closed for lunch. What should we do – if the car is completely “washed”, there is no rubber on the wheels, and people who are supposed to do wheels, at this moment are preparing for lunch? It is clear that. We take a tool in our hands and start to retrain the car. And we finish everything exactly when the locksmith comes back from lunch. They come back, and we have everything in ointment.

And we can leave. We can leave, but what about… money? What kind of money? Yes, for a car that has been turned into winter tires. But you didn’t shoe it up, right? I rebuilt it myself… It doesn’t mean anything. The car has been re-bought and that’s it! Money to the cash desk! A short altercation. And you, giving the money, slowly flee away. That’s it, not another foot here! Not for any mats! And where will you go – if you have only one workshop for the whole area, where you can rebuilt the car? Come here – like a cutie… So it turns out that life wins the game. It wins and beats all the articles. That’s why we say that the game is very similar to life. But it is only similar. In fact, it is not similar at all.

And it is your destiny to come to this workshop many, many times more – to change the wheels by yourself. And, for your own money and your own hands. We do not live in Chicago, however.