Right here we have a recreation area Online Gaming at Argo Casino. Here we lie on the sand, relax on the beach, swim in the sea, eat kebabs. In short, we rest. Here we have a work zone. After rest we try to make sure that our efforts are not wasted. Here we are engaged in logistics, we build objects, we carry cargoes. In short, we work according to our education. And we earn money. And here we have a game zone.

Well, it’s too early to talk about it, because our game zone is not developed at all. To be more precise, it was once developed, but then everything started to glow a little bit. And instead of a game zone, we got almost… a housing stock. Not quite, or rather, a residential area, but it is not a game zone either. We meet such paintings around us all the time. I mean Russia. And Ukraine, of course. And other socialist republics – depending on the place they occupied in the socialist hierarchy.

The Baltics, for example, does not belong here at all. It has returned to its roots and has almost no memory of its socialist past. But all the other republics (except Georgia, Armenia and, perhaps, Moldova) live by the same laws. That is, according to Russian realities. Game zones seem to exist here nominally. But it’s hard to call them gaming zones. First of all, what kind of game zones are they – if only rare nouveau riche people can play for money here? And if these nouveau riche “once, twice, and I’m back”, then why do they need the whole zones? And then – who in these “zones” plays for money, if all the machines are configured in a certain way? And if they are not configured, then Best Chinese online casinos a simple person can not get here anyway.

Online Gaming at Argo Casino Game Area

He will be enlightened through, they will understand that he is not with money, and politely escorted out. And if he starts to object, they will also knock on his turnip just in case. In short, the zones seem to be there, but not quite playful. For example, we had such game houses in Moscow in the early two thousand years. There were quite a lot of them. But all this once covered with a copper pelvis. They were told – you go on, get out of here! And here we will have some almshouses. As a result, there were almshouses, but ordinary people do not go there. And why do ordinary people need almshouses? They do not need them at all.

And there are no game houses for a long time. In general, there are no. There is no place even to play poker. Only at someone’s house – if the owners are not afraid that someone will knock. So we live without a king in our heads. Without a king and without a host. There are no gambling houses at all. There are only drinking establishments. Well, like drinks and cakes. And that’s it, there is nothing else. Oh, yes – there are also recreation areas. And work areas. And there is a housing stock. Very boring housing stock. You already know the rest.