Light Speed Slots

Casino Game Description and Objective

Light Speed is a 3-reel, system-wide Progressive game, and the paytable is displayed on the slot machine. The progressive jackpot total is displayed just above the reels, and re-starts at $700 every time the progressive jackpot is won. This machine may only be played in the single denomination of $.25.

You must make a maximum bet (3-coins) in order to qualify for the bonus part of this casino game – the Light Speed meter, which is represented by the lights going up both sides of the slot machine. When you hit a “Light Speed” icon in the payline, then the Light Speed meter is increased. A winning spin then pays the payout on the payline multiplied by the level reached on the Light Speed meter. The maximum multiplier for the Light Speed meter is seven, and once a winning spin has occurred, the Light Speed meter is set back to one.

Win the progressive slots jackpot when you hit three laser guns at the top (7x) level of the Light Speed meter!

The “Robot” symbol is also “wild,” matching any non-“Light Speed” symbol.

Light Speed Slot Machine Preview

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