High Rollers Slots

Casino Game Description and Objective

High Rollers is a 3-reel, five pay line slot machine. This casino slots game can be played in denominations of $.05, $.25, $.50, $1, and $5.

To play, put money in the slot machine by clicking on the chips in the lower right corner and press “Play 5 Credits.” This will play the maximum bet (5 paylines and 5 coins), giving you the maximum chance to win and automatically spins the reels. If you want to play fewer lines, just select the lines by using the “Bet One” button. When you have the slots casino bet amount you want, just press “Spin Reel,” and wait for a win.

The slot machine uses two random animations. The first is a ladybug that tip toes across the slot machine. The second is a flower that spins. Watch for them!

Located just below the pay table is the payout line. This payline will give winning information such as number of lines that won and what each line paid out (in credits).

In addition, a peace sign icon (wild) matches any symbol on a paid pay line. If a peace sign is used to create a three “VW Bus” win, the peace sign icons change into the “VW Bus” icon.

High Rollers may also be available as a local progressive game, where a 5-coin bet (max bet) hitting three “VW Buses” on the pay line 5 wins you the local progressive jackpot total, which appears just above the slot reels.

High Rollers Preview

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