Casino War

Card Game Description and Objective

Game winning objective of casino war is for a player to have a higher card than the dealer. If the players card is higher, then the player wins 2 times the amount wagered. In the case where the value of the players and the dealers card is the same, the player can either fold or choose to “go to war” by raising the bet. If player folds his cards, the amount wagered is automatically lost.

If player raises, an amount equal to the original wager is added to the bet. Both the dealer and player receive three cards face down, plus another card face-up. The highest face-up card wins. In the case of a win, player receives a win 2 times the amount wagered plus the raise amount.

For example, a players' wager (ante) is $5 and the player raises $5 and the card is higher than the dealer. The player would win two times the amount of the wager (ante) and will win the raise amount, which is a total $15. However, if the card is lower than that of the dealer, the player loses the wager (in the case above, the player would lose $10, both the wager (ante) and the raise). If after a war the player and the dealer have the same card value, then the player wins this casino game.

Casino War Preview

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