Big Heist Slot Machine

Casino Game Description and Objective

The Big Heist is a 3-reel slot game, and the pay table is displayed on the machine. It may be played in denominations of $.05, $.25, $.50, $1, and $5.

Once you receive one safe dial, you receive one click that is placed in the safe counter. You can win a secret safe bonus by cracking the safe. In order to crack the safe, you must receive three safe dials on one spin or accumulate a total of 50 clicks in the safe counter. If you receive three safe dials on a spin, you will win ten times the amount of the secret safe bonus. Playing with max coin bets will lead to larger secret safe bonuses than playing with one or two coins per spin.

The Big Heist may also be played as a local progressive slots game, where a 3-coin bet (max bet) hitting three “Police Badges” on the payline wins you the local progressive jackpot total, appearing just above the slot machine.

The Big Heist Slot Machine Preview

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