Roulette, regardless of the varieties and specifics of the game in certain regions, is ubiquitous. Still, in this game the element of luck is as great as ever. The probability of losing one of the 37 random numbers is so small that it is very difficult to calculate the next bet. This best casino in prague fact attracts some as a unique opportunity to try their luck, others as a challenge. Some individuals are sure that they were able to develop a better strategy for playing roulette. And, sadly, the newcomers to the gambling business are actively convincing this. To avoid the unpleasant experience of losing all your money on an “incredibly winning” strategy, you should familiarize yourself with the main misconceptions about this type of leisure.


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Particularly entrepreneurial gamers of the last century were actively looking for a legal opportunity to beat the casino. And one engineer, Joseph Jager, came up with the idea that by the defects of the roulette you can predict the numbers falling on it.

How it worked from his point of view. The man, from the height of his education and profession, suggested that the components of the mechanisms of different roulettes have some differences. In other words, in almost every rotation wheel you can find some kind of flaw.

To find one, you need Marathon Bet to carefully monitor the wheel and fix the hot numbers (numbers that appear statistically more often than others). If any of the hot numbers was repeated especially often, this indicated a defect. So this number or numbers will fall out more than once. And if you calculate the approximate frequency of the “failure”, you can determine exactly where to put it

This did not work and does not work for the simple reason that casinos are carefully calibrated and undergo regular inspections. The slightest deviation from the norm – and the part or the entire wheel is replaced.


The same Jagger, apparently in justification of the frequent failures of his first strategy, deduced another theory. According to her, in those situations when everything is suddenly okay with the roulette wheel, the hot numbers are not much more often than the cold ones, you need to carefully monitor the croupier.

If the dealer repeats an action for no reason (any: shifting from one foot to another, touching the ear, etc.), then he is cheating with the results. All that remains is to “count” according to his behavior the necessary scheme. And then make a bet.

Here against the next strategy is the fact that the dealer in no way affects the results in roulette. What can we say about virtual casinos, where the role of croupier is assigned to the button.


Some players refer to roulette as a rest, a frivolous entertainment that does not generate income. Especially big.

But here there is a direct dependence on the type and size of the bet. Regardless of the type of game, the participant can increase the amount of their investments 36 or 37 times. With a full understanding of the specifics of the game and the behavior of the table. So, betting on a specific number, the player can get the most impressive dividends. Bets on two numbers can bring an increase of 17 times, and on three numbers – an eleven-fold increase. Etc.

A completely different conversation – in roulette it is much more difficult to cheat. And it’s pretty hard to win fast and big. But the bet you played will allow you to recoup all the costs.

In other words, for roulette you need to be a real favorite of Fortune. Here it is important to understand the rules, the payout ratio and accurately predict what number the ball will fall on. Having won several large bets, you can leave the real or virtual room with a very impressive amount.